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Education@ is one of the leading overseas university admission consultants created opportunities for many education institutions to reach international students in such a way where they have been able to establish cultural diversity within campuses. It is estimated, in next decade, about seven million students will be studying outside their country of birth. Providing accurate information and advice to students applying to overseas educators, Education@ is moving ahead helping both students in making their right choice and the educational institutions in adoption to the future tremendous student mobility.

We are committed to providing excellent educational counseling to students applying for overseas universities at any level. We are also promised in providing individual free advice in regards to successful placement in student’s desired institutions. All our consultants are experienced and fully trained by our partner educational institutions to provide accurate information towards successful admission.


Studying abroad can be a life time experience to any young individual, whether inspired by high ambition, different culture or competitive business world. The universities from prime destinations of the world welcome student to achieve their goal with very exiting educational experience.

Focusing on the aspirations involved in studying abroad, Education@ works towards students easy and reliable access to proper information about different educators around the world. At the same time we welcome and cooperate overseas educational institutions recruiting potential students with very professional approach and friendly manner.

Working in association with different training institutions and school locally, er arrange seminar to create awareness among individuals about studying abroad and career impact of that.